Create tailored Chinese language classes using AI and interactively conduct lesson with the entire class in real time. Designed for teachers.
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Turtle Teach Features

Personalized student analytics

Pinpoint each student's area of weakness to provide personalized assistance

Create customized class materials with ease

Create and share visual and audio-rich teaching resources with colleagues

Grade paper-based exercises effortlessly using AI

Let traditional teaching methodologies also improve

AI assisted sentence structure building

Create new example sentences for students on-the-fly

Solid Chinese character database

Easily create writing exercises based on the canonical vocabulary database by the Education Burearu of Hong Kong

Readily connect with large student bodies

Connect with current and future users of the Turtle Learning products
What is Turtle Teach?
Turtle Teach is the teacher's edition of the Turtle Learn product line. It is an easy-to-use web platform that allows teachers to easily use the existing digital assets in all of Turtle Learn products to create interactive teaching modules and exported to our Turtle Classroom stored in the cloud, to be later logged in by students via iPads to play and interact with teachers in real time. Start learning Chinese with our Chinese smart cards, pronunciation recognition, handwriting exercises, and more!
How to use Turtle Teach
1. A PC / Apple Mac with the Chrome Browser
2. A registered Turtle Teach account
3. An Apple iPad/Air/Pro (models launched after 2018)
4. "Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adenture" box sets (click HERE to purchase)

Ready to start?

Turtle Teach is expected launch in the Q2 2023. Sign up for a beta test account and enjoy an early bird discount when the service goes live. You'll receive an email notification from us when your account is ready.

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Accordion style expand and collapse FAQ.

An accordion style F.A.Q. component that is vastly used in a lot of websites. In addition to the standard expand and collapse animations, I have added in a fancy little interaction to focus on each F.A.Q. item. The additional interaction can be easily removed as it's a separate interaction from the expand and collapse.

If you require any assistance in implementation or need any guide, feel free to text me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have fun cloning. 😉

How many words are in the Turtle Teach vocabulary? Do they include the words from our school's curriculum texts?

The Turtle Teach vocabulary includes over 3,000 words from The Hong Kong Chinese Lexical Lists for Primary Learning. Most of the words from Hong Kong primary school's curriculum are also included.

What does my school need to be equipped with in order to start using Turtle Teach?

Classrooms just need the following equipment to easily use Turtle Teach: a good WiFi signal, a computer connected to the internet, iPads for students, and "Touring Turtle - A Chinese Adventure" smart learning cards (optional).

Can students use Turtle Teach to play games after class?

Turtle Teach has an offline mode. Teachers can arrange units for students to use offline, and all answers will be automatically uploaded to the student accounts, making the process simple and quick.

Our grade has 100 students. How many teacher accounts do we need to subscribe to? Can the content among accounts be shared?

Each Turtle Teach teacher account can store data for up to 40 students and allow 40 students to attend a class simultaneously. If the entire grade has 100 students, you can choose to subscribe to 3 teacher accounts. Teacher accounts registered within the same school can share content to improve teaching efficiency.

How is grading handled after students complete Turtle Teach lessons? Is there automatic grading?

Turtle Teach has an automatic grading system. After students complete a unit, teachers can immediately view the average score of the class, average answer time, individual scores, and more.

What types of questions does Turtle Teach offer?

The Turtle Teach software has three main types of questions: character formation, writing, and pronunciation. They teach students Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation and correct stroke order. Based on the students' level, teachers can also use the software's AI engine to create more complex questions, such as fill in the blanks, reading comprehension, sentence structure, and punctuation questions.

Does Turtle Teach offer instructional material digitization services?

We offer electronic instructional material digitization services. Schools just need to submit to us the content and texts of their curriculum, and they will receive tailor-made lesson templates suitable for Turtle Teach. For pricing and quotes, please click here to contact us.

Does Turtle Teach offer a trial version?

We offer a trial version for schools to use. If interested, please here here to contact us.



系統內包含的字詞是否與教育局的要求相同, 是否廣東話讀音?











每個學生都需要創立帳戶麼? 若果學校購買數套產品讓學生遊玩,能否儲村各自的成績?





中文字結構上有時是左細右大,上細下大 ,但字卡大小則是每張一樣。當學生拼部件得到正確答案後,系統會否出示一個啱比例嘅圖像,讓學生能欣賞文字之美?


登入能否做到 單一登入 (Single Sign On)?

老師帳戶可選用 Google SSO,而學生帳戶則可在創建後以掃描二維碼方式登入,簡單方便。如學校有另外的 SSO 需要(例如需要聯繫校方 LMS),只需告知我們,我們便能將之加進產品內。



除了課堂內使用 外,遊戲有離線模式讓學生回家遊玩麼?