Create tailored Chinese language classes using AI and interactively conduct lesson with the entire class in real time. Designed for teachers.
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Turtle Teach Features

Personalized student analytics

Pinpoint each student's area of weakness to provide personalized assistance

Create customized class materials with ease

Create and share visual and audio-rich teaching resources with colleagues

Grade paper-based exercises effortlessly using AI

Let traditional teaching methodologies also improve

AI assisted sentence structure building

Create new example sentences for students on-the-fly

Solid Chinese character database

Easily create writing exercises based on the canonical vocabulary database by the Education Burearu of Hong Kong

Readily connect with large student bodies

Connect with current and future users of the Turtle Learning products
What is Turtle Teach?
Turtle Teach is the teacher's edition of the Turtle Learn product line. It is an easy-to-use web platform that allows teachers to easily use the existing digital assets in all of Turtle Learn products to create interactive teaching modules and exported to our Turtle Classroom stored in the cloud, to be later logged in by students via iPads to play and interact with teachers in real time. Start learning Chinese with our Chinese smart cards, pronunciation recognition, handwriting exercises, and more!

Click HERE to register as our beta tester and get an early bird discount when the software is officially launched
How to use Turtle Teach
1. A PC / Apple Mac with the Chrome Browser
2. A registered Turtle Teach account (click HERE to apply as a beta user)
3. An Apple iPad/Air/Pro (models launched after 2018)
4. "Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adenture" box sets (click HERE to purchase)

Ready to start?

Turtle Teach is expected launch in the Q2 2023. Sign up for a beta test account and enjoy an early bird discount when the service goes live. You'll receive an email notification from us when your account is ready.

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