Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure (Set 1)

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Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure (Set 1)

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*用家使用此產品前需先移除 iPad 上的保護貼,以確保卡片能平滑放在屏幕上。


  • 公園、海灘和旅行場景
  • 150 cards
  • 5 張白卡作後備用
  • Answer key for scene(s)
  • Full vocabulary list
  • User Manual

*購買前,請確認所使用的iPad對應本遊戲。本遊戲對應所有 2018年 或以後推出的iPad型號。
*產品不包括 iPad 和 Apple Pencil。


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Product Description

此套裝包括 150 張卡片,涵蓋公園、海灘和旅行場景。 (不包括 iPad 和 Apple Pencil)

How many everyday Chinese words do you know?

In the world of Touring Turtle, you will meet a never-seen-before companion. He/she can be a wandering dinosaur, an adventurous turtle, or a proud unicorn! They are new to this world and cannot wait to explore. Can you be their good guide and solve all the Chinese puzzles together?

  • 6 carefully designed scenes, from the park to the beach, from the school to one's home, Yum Cha restaurant and a roadtrip, learn useful Chinese words in different settings along the way.
  • The game features more than 100 trophies and hidden ornaments for children to dress up their animal learning mascot partner.
  • Contains more than 200 Chinese characters and vocabularies and teaches children standard Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation
  • All characters and words are chosen from the 
  • In addition to tablets usages, the smart character cards are also designed to be used as a table-top card game to test children's memory and enhance their understanding of Chinese characters
  • Comes with beautifully printed illustrations and word index lists, so that parents can easily reference children's learning progress
  • Children can also learn the correct writing sequence of character strokes in the app using our built-in artificial intelligence algorithm.

This game is co-developed by the Centre for Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE), Education University of Hong Kong.

Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure

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Smart Device Compatibility

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Microsoft Surface:
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