Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure (Set 2)

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Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure (Set 2)

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*Before purchasing, please make sure that your iPad is compatible. This product is compatible with all models of iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro released in or after 2018. iPad Minis are not supported currently. *Please remove any protective films on the iPad before playing to ensure the best card-reading performance.

This set includes 150 EFM smart cards, and features 3 scenes: The park, the beach, and a roadtrip (iPad and Apple Pencil are not included).

In the world of Touring Turtle, you will meet a never-seen-before companion. He/she can be a wandering dinosaur, an adventurous turtle, or a proud unicorn! They are new to this world and cannot wait to explore. Can you be their good guide and solve all the Chinese puzzles together?

  • 6 carefully designed scenes, from the park to the beach, from the school to one's home, Yum Cha restaurant and a roadtrip, learn useful Chinese words in different settings along the way.
  • The game features more than 100 trophies and hidden ornaments for children to dress up their animal learning mascot partner.
  • Contains more than 200 Chinese characters and vocabularies and teaches children standard Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation
  • All characters and words are chosen from the 
  • In addition to tablets usages, the smart character cards are also designed to be used as a table-top card game to test children's memory and enhance their understanding of Chinese characters
  • Comes with beautifully printed illustrations and word index lists, so that parents can easily reference children's learning progress
  • Children can also learn the correct writing sequence of character strokes in the app using our built-in artificial intelligence algorithm.

This game is co-developed by the Centre for Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE), Education University of Hong Kong.

Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure

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